Client Story - Fine Dining Restaurant Business

The Fish House - Simon Gloftis (owned from 2012 to 2016)

Summary Overview-

Luis Aleixo/LA Partners assisted Simon Gloftis/The Fish House in their business journey by realising the overall business strategic vision by selling The Fish House at a historical record price paid for a restaurant business on the Gold Coast. Luis assisted Simon in establishing and implementing the Business Strategic Plan for The Fish House to maximise the business's value. Along the journey The Fish House became a Gold Coast icon under Simon's ownership, attracting global/local celebrities from Hollywood actors to local TV breakfast shows featuring the Restaurant. Simon has left great foundations to the new owners to continue such a great iconic Gold Coast Restaurant.

The owner - Simon Gloftis

Entrepreneurial individual with flare and passion about what he does as a Restauranteur. He knows what customers want from the high level of service from staff, the quality of the food expected and to the ambiance people look for when dining at a fine dining restaurant. His all engaging style of living and breathing the Restaurant 24/7, his attitude to always improve what the Restaurant has to offer and his personal touch of engaging with customers on the floor, are some of the traits that has made Simon one of the most successful Restauranteurs in Australia.

The Business - The Fish House

Fine Dining Restaurant - Seafood
Started November 2012
Multiple Australia Industry Award winning Restaurant
Sold Restaurant in July 2016

Video featuring Restaurants at Burleigh Heads (including The Fish House).

The Beginnings

The Fish House was started by Simon Gloftis with the vision of what a fine dining seafood Restaurant should look like. It was set up at Burleigh Heads during the back end of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) with the attitude of any time is a good time regardless of the stage of the economy, by establishing a solid foundation around loyal customers.

Luis Aleixo/LA Partners Accountants started working with Simon Gloftis/The Fish House around mid 2013 with the aim of taking The Fish House to another level by putting a Strategic Vision in place to maximise the value of the Restaurant.

Our Role as Strategic Accountants

LA Partners assisted Simon put in place the Business Strategic Vision for The Fish House by focusing on the following broad key objectives:
  1. Simon's 5 year vision for the Restaurant (painting the key drivers to complete the picture);
  2. Profitability Targets (given the cost base model ofHigh Level of Service expected from Staff and the High Quality of ingredients/products used);
  3. Maximise the value of the business for a possible sale.

The Journey (2012 - 2016)

Multiple Annual Industry Australian Awards
Top Ten Restaurant in Australia - vote by Trip Advisor

Regularly visited by Global/Local Celebreties:
  • Hollywood Start - Jonnny Depp
  • Rolling Stones - Ronnie Woods
  • Hollywood Star - Care Blanchett
Regularly featured on Morning TV breakfast shows:
  • The Today Show - Channel Nine
  • Sunrise - Channel Seven
Booked out by visiting Royal Families.
Business lunch meetings by some of Australia's leading business men and polititians.


Three years into the 5 year Plan, Simon sold The Fish House in July 2016 for a historical record price on the Gold Coast for a Restaurant. The Gold Coast Bulletin article stated the following paragraph "...... an "Icon - Gold Coast Seafood" was advertised online with an asking price of $2.4 million - potentially the highest price ever paid for a restaurant business on the Gold Coast."

The Strategic Vision set out was realised with the ongoing accountability to the objectives, strategies and goals set out by the Business Strategic Plan with Simon Gloftis and Luis Aleixo meeting at least quarterly to ensure the journey was always on track and the plan updated/revised when required to always be reflective of the business position.

Gold Coast Bulletin Article - Sale of The Fish House by Simon Gloftis.


Simon continues to find his next challenge in the world he knows well after selling The Fish House.

Disclaimer: The client's name has been revealed in this client case scenario as it is public knowledge that Simon Gloftis sold the The Fish House business, as reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin Newspaper in September 2016.