Recommendation by James Hasselle:

Mortgage Broker - Mortgage Choice in Miami, Burleigh Heads & Palm Beach

I emigrated to Australia in 2003, and have been guided by Luis since my arrival.

At the beginning of 2006 I moved down to the Gold Coast and began my own Mortgage Brokering Business branch in Miami, and Luis in the last 16 years has helped me in such a personal one on one basis in every way. 

We have worked on a detailed strategic goals based plan for both family, life and business plans.

Each meeting Luis has kept me on course for the overall plan we are working towards, he has helped me stay focused and well as handling challenges that arrive.

In 16 years we now have three retail locations, 11 staff and a position at the top of our industry, but more importantly I have been able to have a beautiful family, comprising of a wonderful wife and 4 amazing children, and have give them a lifestyle and life I always wanted to.

The life we have, the goals we have achieved are down to a lot of hard work, a lot of hours and a great deal of happy customer outcomes. But that basis of all this has been from our foundation plans and guidance delivered by Luis and LA Partners.

We would not be where we are today without Luis.

James Hasselle

Group Director

Mortgage Choice in Miami, Burleigh Heads & Palm Beach


Recommendation by Boutique Builder:

Builder - Luxury Homes (New Homes & Renovations)

I was introduced to Luis after being in business for 2 and a half years running a custom home building company. Since we began working with Luis, just under a year now, we have been able to clearly understand our vision and strategic plan for the business and our personal goals. This was through a series of strategic meetings to map out where we wanted to take the business, remove the idea’s from our heads and place them on paper visually to see.

Before working with Luis was like running with torch on in the dark only seeing things as they came in front of us and being re-active in business.

Starting with Luis, going through and implementing the strategic planning process, being educated on our numbers and budgets to work to and having Luis to call on for advise has provided us with a clear vision of how to operate pro-actively and prepare.

Luis is more than just an accountant, his guidance is invaluable and knowledge within the construction industry including many others is extensive. Our results so far from following our strategic plan he has laid out with us, have been dramatic results in growth and the bottom line. We now have a clear understanding of our numbers with accountability at our quarterly meetings to ensure everything is running to our strategic plan.

Luis is an invaluable key part of our business. His advice and knowledge on business deals, financing, capital raising, company structures and investment procurement, is in depth and sound.

Without starting the journey with Luis we would not be where we are today in both business and personal free time to enjoy with the family.

Thank you Luis for your passion in guiding our company. I can’t wait for the many future following years in business with you to be even more successful.

Boutique Builder 

Managing Director


Belgotex Floorcoverings & Belgotex Fabrics

Recommendation by Lynton Sommerville:

Fabrics Manufacturer & Floor coverings Wholesaler

Stanley Road Construction

Recommendation by Henry Stanley

We engaged Luis Aleixo and his team at LA Partners to provide us guidance on taking our business to the next level. Since then and over the past three years we have experienced growth of at least 100% each year in line with our five year Strategic Plan.

Luis has assisted us with our five year Strategic Plan, specifically in the following areas:
• Facilitate our Strategic Planning meetings;
• Contribute ideas to our macro Strategic Planning meetings;
• Introduce direct/indirect opportunities given our target areas;
• Advise on Capital Investment (CAPX) , Cash Flow, Administration and Systems needs, and how they will be funded;
• Having a framework of accountability at our quarterly meetings to ensure we all are carrying out what we have committed to.

He has played a key role in securing finance for our continual equipment needs and cash flow needs. Luis is an integral part of our team based on our family values of doing business and is a great knowledge source to bounce ideas off. His role in assisting us goes well beyond the traditional Accountant's role.

Henry Stanley
Managing Director
Stanley Group (Private Company – Road Construction and Road Maintenance)


Recommendation by Corne Lategan:

Commercial Video Production 

Our business growth...

I just want to take a quick second to say thank you to Luis Aleixo from LA Partners.

Luis has been a big part of our business, Bizvideo, in the last 2 and a half years.

When we first started with Luis we sat down in our office. We spoke, plan and wrote over all the whiteboard we have available to us over multiple sessions spanning over a few weeks and we got clear on our overall 5-year strategy what he likes to call "painting your vision."

This helped us get clear on the direction of our business and how we help people.

What I love about working with Luis is the fact that he believes in the power of storytelling in business and for that reason he's always 100% invested in our approach at Bizvideo.

Thank you for the last few years, Luis, Andre Lategan and I can't wait to see what happens in the next few years!!

Corne Lategan

Director - Bizvideo

DB Group Global

Labour Hire - Building & Construction Industry

I have been working with Mr. Luis Aleixo since June 2010 as a replacement to my previous Accountant. This change has proven to be the best move my business has ever taken. Not only has Luis acted as our accountant but more importantly helped us identify new and exciting business opportunities as well as re designing our business model and streamlining administration and management protocols/procedures. For the first time in 10 years our company has an accurate understanding of where we are, where we want to be and how to get there. Luis Aleixo and his team far exceed the general accounting services and extend more into the field of business development.

Reece Trembath
Managing Director - DB Group Global