Client Story - Mortgage Brokering Business (Miami/Burleigh Heads/Palm Beach - Gold Coast)

Mortgage Brokering Business (Miami & Burleigh Heads - Gold Coast)

Summary Overview

Luis Aleixo/LA Partners have been part of James Hasselle/Mortgage Choice Miami/Mortgage Choice Burleigh Heads journey in assisting with the Business Strategic Planning (Strategic Accountant) in striving for the Business Vision that James set out. Our assistance also extends to ensuring that there is accountability for the commitment James made to himself and his family around personal needs, family needs and family aspirations from the fruits of the business.

On the business journey James Hasselle and his team have won numerous industry awards that highlight the professionalism and the benchmark that has been set for a Mortgage Broker under James's business leadership.
The owner - James Hasselle

James's Mortgage Broker journey began when he approached a Brisbane Mortgage Broker for an investment land loan. The Mortgage Broker was so impressed by James's infectious and engaging personality that instead of organising his loan he gave him a job as a Mortgage Broker in his new office location in Brisbane.

That set the journey for James as a Mortgage Broker. Shortly after starting his new job he was introduced to Luis Aleixo who instantly was engaged by his warm and entrepreneurial personality.

After working for around two years as a Mortgage Broker in Brisbane, James approached Luis Aleixo to start his own Mortgage Brokering business at Miami (Gold Coast). Relocating to a new city with no network, Luis Aleixo/LA Partners assisted James in setting out a Business Strategic Plan that would guide James's Business Vision.

The Business - Mortgage Choice Miami/Burleigh Head/Palm Beach

Mortgage Broker
Started 2004
Multiple Offices
Office - Gold Coast Highway, Miami
Office - James Street, Burleigh Heads
Office - Palm Beach Av, Palm Beach
Multiple Australian Industry Award winning Mortgage Broker

The Beginnings

James started his Mortgage Choice Mortgage Brokering business in 2004 by relocating from Brisbane to the Gold Coast by setting up his new office at Miami.

James's vision for his business was about providing professional high quality services as a Mortgage Broker with a personal touch with every client his business assisted with regarding their finance needs. With this attitude James started to engage with local service providers (eg local Real Estate Agents, Solicitors, Accountants and Financial Planners) by assisting them by adding value to their clients by looking after their finance needs.

High Quality is always at the core of all activities James undertakes, down to the high quality of the Miami Office fitout when James started in 2004.

James's business drive and passion to help people with purchasing their homes or helping them with their property investment finance needs, inspired him to start his new business at Miaimi (which initial had no business network) by applying some old fashion ways by walking the pavement at Miami by introducing himself to local businesses with the objective of building long strong relationships with local Miami residents.

Luis Aleixo/LA Partners Accountants started working with James from the beginning of his business journey by assisting in setting out the Business Strategic Plan of the great ideas and vision James had for the Gold Coast region and the finance needs of local residents and investors.

Our Role as Strategic Accountants

LA Partners assisted James put in place the Business Strategic Plan for the Mortgage Choice Mortgage Brokering business by focusing on the following broad key objectives:
  1. James's 5 year vision for the Mortage Brokering business (painting the key drivers to complete the picture);
  2. Building a business network that would add value to business partners;
  3. Lead Targets (ensuring every lead opportunity is given the highest level of service to provide a high successful loan approval rate);
  4. Build a Mortgage Brokering business that would set the benchmark for the level of professionalism required from a Mortgage Broker.
The journey (2004 - current)

Multiple Annual Industry Australian Awards (some recent awards):
  • 2017 Top Ten Mortgage Broker in Australia - awarded by Mortgage Professional Australia
  • 2015 Top Mortgage Broker in Australia - awarded by Mortgage Professional Australia

James's entrepreneurial flair continues to challenge his business on how he can continue to improve his business model, continue to grow the business and ensuring the right people are on the bus on the journey.

After a number of years based at Miami and Burleigh Heads, and with his children being born in the area, today James is classed as a true LOCAL!!!

The story is still only half way......watch this space!!