LA Partners - Strategic Accountants - Expands into North Lakes

LA Partners has expanded into North Lakes to assist Small to Medium size businesses (SME) in North Lakes and surrounding Moreton Bay Region areas. The North Lakes presence will compliment our head office in the Brisbane CBD.

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Moreton Bay Region

Moreton Bay Region is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia and the third largest council by population in Australia. With the current growth and the substantial future growth forecasted for the region, and with North Lakes being the central hub in the region, this will position us close in working with our SME clients in providing Accounting/Tax services and in particular working on their Business Strategic Plan/Vision.

In breaking down the key forecasted economic data for the region over the next 5 to 15 years, and given the forecasted population growth from the current 438,000 to a forecasted 600,000 by 2031, this will deliver great opportunities for SMEs and the community in general. That is around 100,000 more people in the next ten years and around 160,000 more people in next 15 years, that will need housing and general infrastructure needs to live in the great Moreton Bay community.

2016 Employment by Industry - Moreton Bay Region

Businesses in the Moreton Bay Region

Moreton Bay Region video overview of the opportunities ahead:

The Mill University

One major infrastructure project that highlights the regional demands from the forecasted growth of the area, is the construction of the The Mill University. The Moreton Bay Regional Council as one of the key drivers in assisting with the future opportunities in the region, and to ensure the region is able to deliver on the future education requirements, the council purchased the old Mill site (Kallangur/Petrie/Lawton) to establish the jewel in the crown for the region, The Mill at Moreton Bay University. The Council has initiated this project with the support from Federal and State governments by secured funding that has already been announced. The council has set out the time line for the project and is planning for the construction to start in early 2018 and opening the university in early 2020. The University will deliver 10,000 student places.

The Mill University - video overview

Our role as Strategic Accountants in working with Moreton Bay Businesses

We have some great clients stories that we have worked with that highlights the success of having a Business Strategic Plan that we have assisted in implementing and monitoring (through the various past boom cycles from the Mining, Coal Seam Gas, Residential Construction in South East Qld), and ensuring the business is always thinking at least 5 years ahead in planning for those opportunities.

The role we play as Strategic Accountants is knowing the key drivers that will deliver opportunities for a North Lakes/Moreton Bay business. We break down the key economic data for the Moreton Bay Region over 5 to 15 years in analysing and planning the opportunities ahead across the various industries. In having a Business Strategic Plan the business is totally focused and clear on WHAT opportunities they are targeting, WHO they should be speaking to today and HOW they are going to implement the strategies.

Client Testimonial highlighting how important the Business Strategical Plan was in assisting their business (Business in the Building & Construction Industry)